Online Youth Sunday Life Groups

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The Youth Sunday Life Group is a place for youths grades 7 to 12 to engage in discussion and growth opportunities related to the Christian faith. This is a safe space for youths to explore their faith as well as creating community together with one another through navigating various social and theological issues together.

Due to COVID-19, the youth SLGs are now offered online. Please refer below for information regarding each class and contact the respective facilitators for more information:

*Please contact the facilitators for meeting times & meeting links/location

Junior Youth SLG (Grades 7-8)
Facilitators: Andrew, Keith, & Wilfred (Click here to contact the facilitators)

Junior Youth SLG (Grades 9-10)
Facilitators: Andrew & Kathy (Click here to contact the facilitators)

Senior Youth SLG (Grades 11-12)
Facilitators: Emma & Etana (Click here to contact the facilitators)