Learning about VCBC – January 2021

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– Pastor Brian Lee, January 2021

“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you have done anything at all.” – Futurama

Like the quote suggests, being a moderator is often a thankless job due to the fruits of their labour being hidden in our community’s regular activities when it functions as intended. The Moderator Team is VCBC’s diligent engine which works quietly behind the scenes to ensure that the church community is healthy as an organization. Consisted of our English Congregation Moderator (Tommy) and Vice Moderator (Winnie LF), the Moderator Team works closely with their Cantonese Congregation counterparts to ensure that the administrative and operational sides of the church are in good shape. 

As members of the Board, the EC moderator and vice-moderator chair the English Congregational Leadership Team and are responsible for coordinating, supporting, and representing the activities, ministries, and administration of the English Congregation. Often, the moderators dedicate many hours late into the night in Board meetings to discuss important issues relating to our community.  They are active in being the soundboard of the congregation to relay our member’s suggestions, feedback, and concerns to the different decision making bodies in the church. Moreover, our moderators review and make suggestions to our current church practices to ensure that what we do as a community is compliant with the regulations and expectations set by the government. 

Perhaps the title of this role may seem intimidating, but the moderators value and welcome your enquiries and feedback on any aspect of our church’s ministries. If you would love to learn more about our ministries and/or have suggestions on how to make VCBC a more welcoming place for others and a more faithful community after God’s mission, please feel free to contact our moderators (eclt@vcbc.bc.ca)