Testament (March)

Take a read (and a listen!) of our newest issue as we published our first Testament podcast! Tune in and learn how our newest pastoral member Jackey experienced transformation by Christ, and his advice for those who are undergoing transformation.

Experiencing Transformation: The Pursuit Combating Perfection
Brian Lee

For this month’s issue of Testament, I had the privilege to journey and dialogue with Jackey on an aspect of his life where God has ushered in transformation. Learning about his struggle combating the craving for perfection, I am echoed with my own challenges in meeting the external expectations of society and others. Being a fellow Regent grad myself, I also experienced the rigors of academic excellence and the temptation of making that craft of paper writing the object of my pursuit for perfection. It was quite reassuring as he reminded us that God values not so much on the results of our endeavor, but the journey and experience along the way.

As Jackey alluded from Philippians 1:6, “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” It is in the humility and faithfulness of Jackey, not just in his demeanor and attitude, but also in the way he treats every task with extra reverence and care, that I see his wonderful transformation by Christ. His willingness to be honest and open about this transformation journey being an ongoing chapter to be written reminds us the need to support one another in our life long goals to be transformed by Him.

I appreciate his suggestions on using journaling as a way to spur us on in cultivating a space for God to transform us. It is in making ourselves attentive and aware to God’s guidance in our lives that we are able to become more proactive disciples of his, encouraged by the little things he is tucking us each baby step of the way. I want to thank Jackey for this open and honest dialogue and we hope to continue being an encouragement to each other’s spiritual path forward!

A full transcript and recording of the podcast can be read and listened to from the links below.



P.S. I did not try to perfect my sentences in the writing of this piece and, unlike Jackey, I tend to rush to put words on the paper violently and edit later.