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May. 15, 2024

VCBC Neighbourhood Cleanup – Sunday June 9

Come join us for an opportunity to bless our neighbours in the summer! Cleaning time will be 1-3pm. Gloves, tongs, and bags will be provided. Families with children are welcome to participate. Sign up will be available in the church office, in the church basement after service, or at the Google form below. For more information, please contact Danita at pcs@vcbc.bc.ca
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May. 12, 2024

Family Fiesta – A Time Together

Join us at our annual Community Picnic at Trout Lake Park on Saturday June 29, 10am-2pm, for a fun time of fellowship, food, games and laughter! This year our theme is “Family Fiesta – a time together”. We will once again have a dessert contest so bring your best dessert to share. We hope to see you there.
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May. 04, 2024

SLG: Sermon-Based Discussion Group (04.07)

Starting April 7 at 11:15am, our new Adult Sunday Life Group will start a new module Sermon-Based Discussion Group. It will be held both in-person (room B14-15) and online. Come and see what God can do with just a handful of curious followers who are asking God for more as we discuss and build on our experience from each Sunday’s sermon
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May. 02, 2024

Testament (May)

Check out our newest May issue of Testament as Kathy shares about the importance of presence and community in the body of Christ.
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Apr. 26, 2024

Day of Prayer

We will gather for our regular scheduled half day of prayer on Saturday, May 11, from 9:00am until Noon in the church sanctuary. We will be seeking to listen to the voice of God as we pray for our membership and the ministry plan of the next quarter. Please plan now to join us.