Sunday Life Group: The Book of Job

Fall Module (Sundays @ 11:15am, from Oct 4 to Dec 13)
Instructor: Rev. Paul Chan

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Whether Ben Franklin or Mark Twain was the original author of this quote, he
should have added “suffering” to the list.

  • Suffering has driven many to atheism “There cannot be a God!”
  • Suffering has driven many simply to turn away from God: “He does not care!”
  • Suffering has drawn many closer to God: “Lord, I cannot go through it alone.”
  • Suffering has also become a favourite subject of philosophers and theologians who have filled the world’s libraries with their volumes.
  • Suffering has also become a basis on which for some to pass judgement on the innocence or guilt of the sufferers.

As Christians, we also struggle with this inevitable in life, wondering:

  • Is it the work of Satan?
  • Is it a direct result of our sins?
  • Is it an indirect result of the sins of the world?
  • Why do good people suffer?

Join us as we wrestle with these age-old questions together with Job and his three friends in the Book of Job. You may be surprised to find out that the ultimate teaching of this book has less to do with suffering, but more to do with a far more important truth that is central to the faith in Yahweh!

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