Special Announcement – Sept 22

Special Notice – Since the Sanctuary is not usable in its present condition, the Sunday Services will have to be moved to the basement for the time being until further notice. Please note time changes below. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

For Sept 22, 2019 Only

Cantonese Sunday Service I
粵語崇拜 I
08:15 – 09:15Basement
English Sunday Service
09:30 – 10:45Basement (Children Sunday School
@ B1-2, B3-5, B13 & B14-15)
Mandarin Sunday Service
09:30 – 10:45Boardroom
Cantonese Sunday Service II
粵語崇拜 II
11:00 – 12:00Basement
Cantonese Sunday Service III
粵語崇拜 III
12:15 – 13:15Basement
JC Kidz+11:00B14-15, Boardroom & Glassroom

Note: All Sunday School classes cancelled next week; potentially cancelled for two more weeks (except for Children Sunday School)