SLG: The Book of Acts

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Led by Rev. Paul Chan, this module runs every Sunday @ 11:15am from October to December of 2022. It will run in a hybrid format: In-person in Room B14-15 and online (

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(Originally presented to the 3rd Annual Bible Conference in Myanmar, 2006)

The Name of the Book

The Acts of the Apostles is a familiar book in the Bible, and throughout the ages, it has been given various names:

  • The Origin of Christianity
  • The Acts of All Apostles
  • The Acts of the Holy Spirit, and
  • The Book of Acts (as it is called in the NT Canon)

Of course, the name is not as important as its contents, but behind the naming of a book is a reflection of our view of God’s action. We know that God is a God of order, plan, wisdom and design. Just as He certainly has a plan for the salvation history of all humankind, from Adam to the birth of Jesus Christ–every event which is part of the salvation history has not been accidental, such as the time and place of Jesus’ birth, and the time during which the various events in the Book of Acts took place.

Since the work of the Holy Spirit on earth took place in an orderly, logical and wise manner, and the true author of all the books in the Bible is He, whoever the author might be (whether it was the learned scholar for Tarsus, or the least educated fisherman from Galilee), each book of the Bible reflects the order, logic and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Its literary style may not be polished; its contents and logic do reflect the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is with this belief that we look at how the Holy Spirit has prompted Dr. Luke to compose this work, what its emphases and its purposes are. The answers to these questions are important in the proper interpretation of the book.


COURSE NOTES: Notes will be released weekly as they are provided by the instructor.

Course Outline for The Book of Acts

Week 3 – Course Notes
Lesson #3 (Chapters 2-6)

Week 4 – Course Notes
Lesson #4 (Chapters 2-6)

Week 5 – Course Notes
Lesson #5 (Chapters 7-8)

Week 6 – Course Notes
Lesson #6 (Chapter 9)

Week 7 – Course Notes
Lesson #7 (Chapter 10)

Week 8 – Course Notes
Lesson #8 (Chapter 11:19-13:3)

Week 9 – Course Notes
Lesson #9 (Chapter 15)

Week 10 – Course Notes
Lesson #10 (Chapter 15:36-18:22)

Week 11 – Course Notes
Lesson #11 (Chapter 18:23-21:16)

Week 12 – Course Notes
Lesson #12 (Chapter 21:17-28:31)