Prayer Corner (January Ed.)
Prayer Corner

For this month’s edition of Prayer Corner, Keith will be sharing with us on how everyone can participate in the development of the new church.

January ’23: The Church Property Redevelopment Project
By Keith Wong

“And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.” —Romans 8:28 

I have seen God use our church to glorify his name, and serve his people. The church is used frequently by providing Sunday services in multiple languages, Sunday Life Group learning, English Well class, Pioneer Clubs, and Friday night youth fellowships to name a few. On other occasions, the church would host Alpha classes to reach out and share the gospel in a casual setting. Finally, the church would annually host Vacation Bible School (VBS) in July where hundreds of primary and intermediate children would come to play, sing and learn about Jesus. The church has served the congregation well. God has blessed the VCBC congregation with the opportunity to use the church as a gathering for the people of God, and to serve the community.

Alas, the building is now much older, and in need of major renovation. The building has no handicap accessibility, no industrial kitchen, and insufficient rooms. As part of the Church Property Redevelopment (CPR), we reviewed several options from renovation, to relocation, to rebuild on existing land. With the congregation members’ approval to build a new church, we moved to the next phase- the architectural design stage, to be shared with the congregation by April 2023. Already, we experienced some of God’s blessing with the city planner allowing only 1 level parking, instead of 2 levels, and the willingness to provide open conversation on how best to serve south Vancouver community.

I ask everyone how they can participate in the development of the new church. In the next several months, the CPR team will reach out to the fellowship groups and congregation members to ask for their input to the design, the vision, and their needs in the new church.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, and provide their ideas, skills and resources. This is major project for our church. I pray for unity among the congregation members, and most of all that this project is pleasing to God. I ask all to pray that the new church is God’s will, glorify His name, and bring our family together.

Please pray how the new church can serve the local community, the youths, families, and specifically meet your needs. Please pray how you can serve and participate in the redevelopment plans.