Prayer Corner (Jan)
Prayer Corner

Take a read on the newest January issue of Prayer Corner as Kenneth shares about God, Time and Space. 

Psalm 8:3-6

3 When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,

4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?

5 You have made them a little lower than the angels
    and crowned them with glory and honor.

6 You made them rulers over the works of your hands;
    you put everything under their feet:

John 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Where are we?

“Vancouver, Canada of course!”, you might answer. But think deeper on that question, where are we? Think beyond our mortal frames; for God is infinitely larger than we can even fathom; we cannot even conceptualize it.

Nonetheless, let us entertain this idea; to the best of your ability try to think at even a fraction of what God is able to comprehend.

Let us first establish: We are 3 Dimensional beings (up/down, left/right, forward/back) that can experience the 4th Dimension (time moving forward). Our conception of the word “where” is bound to the three dimensions we can experience. God however, is beyond that. Why would God be bound to our perception and experience of time, when He is the One who made it. In short: in our little experiment here, “where” does not only refer to a physical point in space, but in time as well.

What is a long distance to you, at what point do you say “Forget  that I’m not going there, this is way too far!”? For many people in my life, that would (unfortunately) be a 10 minute walk (approximately3-5 km); for some of you it may be an hour of driving (50-120 km depending on roads); perhaps some of you more well traveled folk will consider distant lands like Australia or Africa to be far (approximately 15,000 km).

Now let us go to a different location in time: just short of 200 years ago. The distances we consider “too far to walk” are laughable in contrast to what people in this time period deem far. 99.998% of human history would consider 15 minutes of walking to be normal, it is only in the past 200 or so years we have become lazy. In the same breath, in our own time and space, whilst a 15 minute walk may be deemed too demanding, a casual flight across multiple continents is incomprehensible to kings and nobility just 200 years ago.

Throughout all space and time (at least that we know of, only God knows what the future holds), humanity’s perception of what is considered far is pathetic. The farthest our species has traveled away from the rock that gives us life is our closest celestial neighbour: The Moon. Which, during apogee (farthest point from the Earth) is 397,291.6 km away from the Earth. That is a number so big to us you probably are not even imaging a physical distance, just thinking of the number as something abstract and large, so let us put that into perspective:

Recall the distance you are willing to travel and contrast it with the following: During apogee, you are able to fit every single planet in our solar system in between the Earth and the Moon. Every single planet. On Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, there rages a great storm with wind speeds of 432 km/h, this place is known as the Great Red Spot. You are able to fit seven whole Earths in that storm alone. You can squeeze 1,300 Earths in Jupiter in its entirety.

God has decided that the maximum possible velocity of anything is 300,000km/s or 9.46 trillion kilometers per year. Otherwise known as Light Speed. And yet, even when traveling at God’s speed limit, it will still take us 4.3 years to reach our closest neighbouring star, Alpha Centauri.

Now that you have more context, I ask again, where are we? For the Earth orbits around the sun at 107,000km/h whilst the Sun moves at 828,000km/h through the void of space, orbiting around the Milky Way’s galactic centre which is 28,000 light years away from Sol (the Sun).

One Billion X – Hillsong

In Genesis 1, God spoke creation into existence, creating everything in six days and resting on the seventh. Oh Lord, how long is one day in your mind? What language must we learn to speak planets into existence? What vocal sounds can I make to form oceans and birds from nothingness?

Briefly ponder, what is a language? We have vocal languages such as Cantonese, English, Aramic, Spanish, etc. There exists languages only consisting of whistling or the movement of limbs and fingers; these languages are easy for us to comprehend as they use the same abstract concepts merely exercising different senses and locations in our body. But what do we make of patterns in mathematics, or programming languages that allow you to read this, play video games, pay your taxes, fake someone’s voice, or guide ballistic missiles across continents?

According to NASA, stars are formed in nebulas – clouds of basic atoms spanning several light years across. These atoms are pulled to each other by their mutual gravitational attraction. God lets this process play out for millions to billions of years and eventually, you get stars! From a single atom, God creates a nuclear power plant the size of 1.3 million Earths (that’s our own Sun anyways, God has created much much bigger stars than that!). 99% of our body is just oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus – compounds designed by God and forged in His cosmic furnaces over the course of billions of years.

The planet we call home is not even a speck of dust, it is not even an atom, in the grand scheme of God’s creation. And yet God took time and effort to handcraft us a garden in the ruthless void of space and time. Our planet’s ozone shields us from the nuclear inferno the sun constantly spits at us. Yet, this nuclear inferno is what allows us to live at a comfortable 20ish°C.

Think of the most beautiful mountain you have ever seen, for God spent millions of years shifting the tectonic plates, crafting that mountain. All just so that you could appreciate the view and see the work of His hands; so that his creatures could call it home; so that His people could build a city of light.

From atom to Adam, God forged the stars to forge us! God spent millions of years, handcrafting us from the primordial soup of single cell life, to basic primates who could walk and grab things, to humans creating symphonies, learning God’s creation and sending us back to the stars that we came from.

 I am not here to change your mind on anything; all I wish is that you have entertained my thought experiment and see the beauty in God’s creation. Seeing this new layer of God’s infinity, ponder again the question “where are we?”, ponder the deepness of God’s infinity, and pray.

For when confronted with an infinite God with a practically speaking infinite universe, comes infinite prayers. While much of this article has been heavily focused on the grand scale of God and how small we are, I must remind you that God created all things from stars that dwarf our sun, to humans and birds, atoms and single celled life. Ponder His infinity but also ponder the infinite things He has made; of all the infinite things He has made, think of the parts of creation that stand out to you. To some it may be people, locations, art, science, concepts, animals, I could go on.

In short, in your pondering of God’s infinite infinity, pray for what comes to mind in reaction to that infinity.

If the stars were made to worship, so will I 

If the mountains bow in reverence, so will I

If the oceans roar Your greatness, so will I

~So Will I (One Billion X) – Hillsong


I would like end this off with a realization I had whilst writing this, another layer of Jesus’ crucifixion we do not consider (or at least I have never heard discussed):

It is common for us to talk about that glorious day. We say “He died for our sins”; even the secular measure time before/after His death. Due to our mortal 3 dimensional nature, though we know that there is more beyond this life, we are still only able to comprehend His death and our own deaths as a before and after; one single finite moment.

Consider that God is beyond 4 Dimensions and all its implications:

 This means that as you read this, God is simultaneously forging the stars in Genesis 1, He is answering your prayers, and experiencing that painful death on the cross. His consciousness within that mortal avatar of flesh, experiencing the nails, whips, crown of thorns (This is a video of a trauma surgeon going into medical depth of the crucifixion and its agony ) .

That is pain that we may not be able to fathom but we can imagine vaguely by recalling our most painful experience and multiplying the intensity to the highest degree our mind is capable of. What we cannot fathom or imagine however, is the pain that God’s divine self must have experienced: the total sum of sin from every sentient being, in every space and every time, all being funneled into Yeshua on the cross at 31°46′42″N, 35°13′47″E in 0 AD. In the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 15; it is said that Yeshua’s ordeal lasted approximately three hours – that is not even one full modern work day! If God is infinite then those three hours mean nothing. But remember, God is beyond our time and space which means it is highly likely that he is infinitely experiencing His death on that cross.

Understanding time and space makes His sacrifice so much more important. Satan has made it so that humans have compartmentalized God and science. The way most common people understand “science” is not true science, it is an atheist cult that replaces the clergy with degrees, and divine revelation with empirical measurement. People often will believe things as truth just because a science textbook or a professor said so. Proper science is merely a system of observing patterns in nature, where those patterns stay consistent and variables that could change that consistency to then form an educated guess based on observed information. This is why in science we have many theories but very few laws or constants. Ultimately, all a scientist is really doing is simply observing God’s natural order and trying to reverse engineer it into something that our monkey minds can comprehend.