Prayer Corner (Dec)
Prayer Corner

Take a read on the newest December issue of Prayer Corner as Charlotte shares about the delights in recognizing God’s presence in our prayer life. 

When I was younger, I viewed the activity of prayer as a one-sided dialogue. I knew the words to say during a prayer before mealtimes, before bedtimes, and they were that, just words. A quick acknowledgement to the God above, who perhaps sat there, receiving countless air-mails like my prayer as they fluttered in. 

As a youth, I learned that God supposedly speaks back in times of prayer but my overactive mind could not seem to grasp His voice and I had much to go in terms of accepting silence during HOG (Hang Out with God) time at youth Bible camps and mission trips. I journaled my prayers to God, hoping that though I could not hear his immediate response, I would be able to look back at these prayers in time to see how He had worked. And He has!

Slowly, I’ve begun to appreciate the silence in my prayer time. I am learning to approach His feet with the sense that prayer does not need to be a one-sided presentation of my thoughts, nor is it the act of blitzing through Adoration, Confession, and Thanksgiving so that I can present my Supplications. 
But rather spending time, aware of His presence, trusting and allowing the Holy Spirit to interact and intercede. Then, as Psalm 62 says, my soul finds rest. 

Psalm 139: 1-12 speaks of the overwhelming presence of God. He hems us in behind and before and He knows us completely, even before a word is on our tongue. 
Part of Psalm 139: 18 says “when I awake, I am still with you”. God is with us before we even turn our attention to Him in prayer!

Even with all that, God gave us Christ, who walked alongside us, sharing in our weakness, and who became our ultimate high priest. And in his leaving to prepare a place for us, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to strengthen us from within and testify to us that we are His children. 

That’s incredible. 

This December, as we once again celebrate and remember the coming of Jesus. I hope we can take some time out of the busy season to just reflect and meditate on the reality of God with us. 

I’d like to share a song with you that I really like:
O Come All You Unfaithful – Sovereign Grace Music
Spotify link here.
Song lyrics here.

During a December where I was not in the most festive mood and carried many burdens, it uplifted me and reminded me that Christ was born for all of us, no matter what state or situation we are in. Despite our failings and falling short, Christ came. He is the reason for our hope.