Prayer, Care, & Social Concern

He has showed you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8

Ministry Purpose

Ministry Purpose

Living out our faith through prayer, care, and concern for our neighbours

Connecting with God is the essential foundation of all we do as followers of Christ. Founded on prayer, God leads us to care for each other and for His creation in a tangible and holistic way.



Connecting with God collectively and individually

Being connected with God is the essential foundation of all we do as followers of Christ. We encourage you to abide in Christ daily by conversing with Him in prayer - both listening to Him and sharing what's on your heart with Him. We also encourage you to pray with fellow believers on a regular basis to seek the Lord together. Make prayer a regular part of your small group gatherings, serving opportunities, and ministry team planning.

Gather online for prayer every Sunday at 8 pm.

Join our email praying team.

Submit a prayer request via the online prayer box.

Read our monthly Prayer Corner (and former Prayer Blog articles).



Carrying each other's burdens to the Cross and walking alongside one another

Let's build a culture of care as we journey with Christ together. Let's work together to build an environment that is safe enough for us to share about our own burdens and allow others to care for us in our time of need.

Let's offer the gifts of walking alongside, listening, encouraging, lifting burdens in prayer, and meeting each other's needs in practical and appropriate ways. Let's also extend our care to people both inside and outside of the church.

Extend care to your family, friends, small group, and church family and allow them to extend care to you.

Pastors, deacons, and the Prayer, Care, and Social Concern team are also available to extend spiritual support and care to you and your loved ones.

Contact the Charity Committee directly if you have an urgent financial need.

Call 911 if you or your loved one is experiencing a physical or mental health emergency.

Social Concern

Social Concern

Combining our faith with action to live out the gospel in a tangible and holistic way

We share the love of Christ with the world because He loves and cares for us. We can live out the gospel in a tangible, holistic, and restorative way through social concern. We encourage you to practice social concern by relating Christ to all areas of life.

Ask God what role He has in mind for you to play. He may give you a heart to meet specific practical and spiritual needs of your community. He may give you a heart to walk alongside and advocate for people who have been systemically marginalized and oppressed. He may give you a heart to care for His creation.

Allow God to show you specific areas of brokenness and issues in our community and society that He wants you to care about.

Get involved regularly at a Christ-centered non-profit that meets practical and spiritual needs in your community.

Organize a hands-on way to meet the practical and spiritual needs in our city. The Prayer, Care, and Social Concern team would love to support you.

Participate in caring for God's creation.

Additional Resources

Links to external organizations and resources in the areas of prayer, care, and social concern


If you want to learn more about our prayer, care, and social ministry, please feel free to contact Danita at