SLG – Old Earth Perspective

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Led by Dr. Stanley Yen, this SLG, titled An Old-Earth Perspective on Science and Scripture, will be a follow up to our Origin of Creation Series. This course will cover the following topics: 

(1) The Christian foundations of science and the limitations of science.
(2) Evidence from physics, astronomy and geology for an old earth.
(3) Fine tuning in physics and astronomy as evidence of the Creator.
(4) Evidence from biology and paleontology for the antiquity of life on earth.  
(5) How an old Earth fits into a faithful reading of the Bible.

It will happen after service every Sunday at 11:15am at

Click here for notes and recordings from Part 1 of the Origin of Creation Series: Young Earth Creationism

Notes from the sessions:
* Please note that notes from this SLG are for internal circulation for those participating in the class only. Please do not redistribute them without the permission of the SLG facilitator.

Session 1 Science Seeking Coherence in the Works of God
Session 2 Radioactive Dating Techniques (Part 1)
Session 3 Radioactive Dating Techniques (Part 2)
Session 4(a) Varieties of Old Earth Views
Session 4(b) Warfield – A Biblical Inerrantist as Evolutionist
Session 5Impact Craters and Stellar Evolution
Session 6 Element Synthesis in Stars
Session 7Non-Concordist Reading of the Bible