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We have updated our protection policy for transporting minors

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We have recently updated our Minor and Vulnerable Persons Safety and Protection Policy in the summer of 2023. In particular, we have adopted new provisions regarding providing transportation for minors (Section 5.1.5):

  • The church encourages the ministry to make use of public transportation as the primary choice of transportation for group events, in event that other parents or guardians cannot provide transportation assistance.
  • The Next Gen Ministry will keep a record of all approved drivers. Approved drivers are granted permission from the Next Gen Ministry Team (renewable each year) to provide transportation support to minors and volunteers for routine ministry events at VCBC as well as special events held outside of the church.
    • Drivers must submit the following, to be kept on file in church office, as proof that they are legal and insured to operate the specific vehicle(s):
      • Driver’s license number and basic vehicle identification information (license plate, model, color)
      • Proof of auto insurance for the vehicle
    • Drivers must be certified in VCBC’s child abuse prevention and minor protection training and provide proof of criminal record check clearance (completed within the past 4 years).
    • Drivers are required to drive appropriately and in compliance with all traffic laws.
    • All drivers /passengers must wear a working seat belt.
  • Consent forms will be used for parents to list out named approved drivers and screened volunteers who are allowed to drive their children. These consent forms will be filled out at the beginning of the school year and be updated periodically (e.g. Jan, May, etc.)
    • An adult is not permitted to drive a minor alone in the context of ministry activity unless the minor’s parent has provided prior consent via the consent form or via another online form that has email capture.
    • If no prior consent is provided, there must be at least 3 people present in the vehicle (either having 2 adults and 1 minor, or 1 adult and 2 minors)
    • If a driver wishes to make any extra unplanned stops, the parents of the minors must be notified as soon as possible.



Building healthy and appropriate relationships and connections with those we serve

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders of our ministries, from children/youths and parents to volunteers and the church. While the policy is to be upheld with impartiality, the ministry strives for the best interest of Kingdom growth, the integrity of the church, and a duty of care and respect towards both youths and volunteers.

Read our Minor Protection Policy
Policy Overview



Protection & Prevention

We provide training and support to better educate and prepare our volunteers and stakeholders with the best practices in engaging our children and youth. Adapted from Plan to Protect, the policy partner for our denomination (CNBC Westcoast), our training aims to provide basic understanding of child abuse, our responsibilities in event of suspected abuse incidents, and policies and practices in reducing the risks of harm. Please stay tuned for upcoming dates as to when training is being offered to our volunteer. 


Report ABUSE

Procedures to report suspected abuse

Child and youth abuse is a serious matter so we take each suspected abuse case with due diligence. Please see the instructions below on how each suspected abuse case is to be handled:

  • Reporting can be done by filling out the VCBC Next Gen Ministries Suspected Abuse Report Form available at the Church Office or online. All filled forms are to be submitted to the Next Gen Ministry Pastoral team and to be kept in record.
  • VCBC requests that when a Ministry Volunteer or staff in the line of duty reports a suspicion of abuse or an allegation of abuse to first notify the Pastor of the responsible ministry or designate that a report has been made. It is understood that the report is to be kept confidential.
  • The Pastor or his/her designate must then notify the Senior Pastor or designate.  The Senior Pastor will assess the allegations and determine the appropriate course of actions. This may include consulting the Board of Directors, contacting VCBC’s insurance provider, and seeking legal counsel, and reporting the suspected case to government authorities in partnership with the person who made the report.
  • Should the Senior pastor or designee determine there is a “reasonable assumption of abuse” the government authorities will be notified immediately. The Board of the Church, legal counsel and the insurance company will be informed of the filed report.
  • If the suspected abuse happened in the context of VCBC’s ministries or was committed by a church member or attendee, the Parents of the victim must be notified by the Pastor and the church will support the family in all available ways possible.


Incident Report

Reporting non-abuse related incidents

Ministry personnel (or ministry leader on behalf of their personnel) are required to report incidents in the following scenarios:
  • An injury or accident involving a minor or volunteer which requires certified First Aid treatment and care and/or the calling for 9-1-1 emergency.
  • An early dismissal of a minor due to inappropriate behaviour or conduct.
  • Any other extraordinary incidents that requires documentation at the discretion of the ministry leader responsible.
Reporting can be done by filling out the VCBC Next Gen Ministries Incident Report Form available at the Church Office or online. All filled forms are to be submitted to the Next Gen Ministry Pastoral team and to be kept in record.


To learn more about our child & youth abuse prevention and protection effort, please contact our child abuse prevention committee via to get in touch.