Midlife Crisis of a Church

Publish Date

August 4, 2019
Message by Pastor Sam Wong

Text: Revelation 2:1-5; 18-20, 25; 3:14-17

Sermon Outline:
The Symptoms of Midlife Crisis
1. Love Forsaken: Becoming Desensitized (Ephesus 2:1-5)
• The good: the deeds, hard work, perseverance
• The bad: first love forsaken
• Resolution: Remember…Repent…do the things you did at first.

2. Stand Forfeited: Becoming Compromised (Thyatira 2:18-25)
• The good: deeds, love and faith, service and perseverance
• The bad: tolerated the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess
• Resolution: hold on to what you have

3. Use Lost: Becoming Complacent (Laodicea 3:14-17)
• The good: no mention
• The bad: Lukewarm, neither cold nor hot
• Resolution: be earnest, and repent