Journey Fellowship (College to 25 yrs)

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Happening at various times with different groups and events throughout the month, Journey is a fellowship hub for young adults from those just fresh out of high school to those entering the work force.

Goal: To provide a balanced Christian life and provide entry opportunites for young adults in any stages of Christian Faith
Philosophy: The ministry strives to provide opportunities, guidances, and/or resources to fulfill four core aspects of Christian life: Fellowship, Discipleship, Stewardship, and Worship
Structure: To fulfill our goal, the ministry consists for 4 major components.

1) Small Groups
We have small groups that are open for anyone who is interested in partcipating- the meeting times, frequency, and venue of each small group will be at each group’s discretion- each group will have their respective mentors and leaders to help faciliate and nurture its members

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2) Pursue Praise Night
All young adults are welcomed to join at a time of worship, prayer, and exhortation- praise night is held monthly on the first Saturday of each month, 7pm at VCBC- the Pursue team takes full ownership in coordating the event with the support of other members from Journey

3) Young Adult Socials
All young adults are welcomed to join and are encouraged to invite their friends, regardless of their stage of faith- this serves as an entry point for newcomers to get to know our community in a more relaxed and lighter setting- the socials will be held monthly on Saturday evening, with breaks interlaced every season.

4) Service Opportunities
All young adults are encouraged to participate in exercising their gifts, whether at a ministry at VCBC or in other capacities in other organizations- the leaders in Journey ministry will provide guidance and resources to help those interested to find areas of service that are relevant to their calling.

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