Job Posting – English Congregation Next Gen (Children)

The VCBC English Congregation Pastoral Search Committee is currently seeking applicants to fill the position of either English Congregation Next Gen Pastor (Children) or English Congregation Next Gen Director of Ministry (Children) for our church. All interested applicants are encouraged to submit their inquiries and applications to A pdf printer-friendly version of the posting is available here.

The information for this job posting is available below:

Job Description: English Congregation Next Generation Director of Ministry (Children) or Next Generation Ministry Pastor (Children)

Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church (VCBC) is looking to fill one position of either Next Generation Ministry Pastor (Children) or Next Generation Director of Ministry (Children).

The VCBC Next Generation (Next Gen) Ministry serves 0-25 age demographic across English, Cantonese, and Mandarin backgrounds. The position is primarily responsible for providing ministerial care and leadership to the Children demographic (ages 0-12) in VCBC. He/she will collaborate closely with the Next Generation Ministry Pastor(s) (Youth & Young Adults, respectively) to develop and support a comprehensive Next Generation Ministry that is consistent with the mission of the church.

This staff reports to the English Congregation Lead Pastor (or designated Associate Pastor) who will supervise, evaluate and provide a report of evaluation to the Personnel Committee.

Next Gen Ministry Goal

Foster a collaborative and mature faith community within VCBC that nurtures our next generation to become healthy and thriving disciplemakers.

1) Director of Ministry (Children)

Job Duties and Responsibilities

To equip and assist the entire church in shepherding, leading & equipping, and collaborating in the context of children ministries, this position’s duties include:


  1. Develop and facilitate a Children Ministry vision through prayerful consideration of the biblical teachings of the church’s responsibility to children.
  2. Cultivate a Christ-like servanthood culture to empower children participation and service within the church community.
  3. Build a healthy culture of discipleship in the Children ministry
  4. Develop and facilitate a children ministry that draws children to Christ and promotes spiritual growth.
  5. Provide care and support to children and children ministry volunteers in their walks of faith.
  6. Connect, follow up, and liaison with children visitors and their parents. 
  7. Foster healthy relationships and partnerships with parents and guardians of all children.
  8. Exercise care through personal outreach, home and hospital visitations.

Lead & Equip

  1. Provide spiritual and administrative guidance to the Children Ministry Teams.
  2. Evaluate and direct resources to fulfill the discipleship and mentorship needs of children, children ministry volunteers, and those interested in serving in children ministry.
  3. Supervise and oversee ministry related activities (vacation bible school, mission projects and trips, etc.)
  4. Lead the Children Ministry Team in preparing an annual budget that is reflective of the goals and objectives of the ministry.
  5. Keep abreast of children trends and resources needed in order to serve as an advisor to the church on ministering to children.


  1. Partner with the English Congregational Leadership Team (ECLT) in fulfilling its vision and mission as in line with the church.
  2. Collaborate with the Next Gen Ministry Team to develop a Next Gen Ministry with a coherent and unified vision to serve members ages 0-25.
  3. Follow the guidance and supervision of the English Lead Pastor (or designate) to provide pastoral support to the children ministry.
  4. Attend regular staff and leadership meetings to liaison for the children ministry.
  5. Report and relay the activities, achievements and needs of the children ministry to the ECLT and the pastoral team.
  6. Assist with other temporary duties as assigned by the EC Lead Pastor (or designated Associate Pastor) on an as-needed basis.


  1. Be a committed follower of Christ who has undergone the rites of baptism by immersion.
  2. Is passionate about helping other followers of Christ, particularly children, to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Commit to VCBC’s ministry philosophy and programs.
  4. Subscribe to and agree with the VCBC’s Statement of Faith.
  5. Shall have at least two years working with children in lay or ministerial role. (Previous experience in a multiple staff setting preferred)
  6. Having received formal training and/or credentials in the areas relevant to children ministry will be a strong asset.
  7. Be a leader of leaders; an excellent communicator in one-on-one, small and large group settings and be a team player.
  8. Have gifts and competencies to effectively carry out this ministry position.
  9. Having cross-cultural experience in a North American setting will be a strong asset.
  10. Being able to speak Cantonese and/or Mandarin fluently along with English will be a strong asset.


Upon completion of a Graduate Level Degree from an accredited seminary or bible college, the staff holding this position may become eligible to become the Next Generation Ministry Pastor (Children) as directed and facilitated by the Personnel Committee.

2) Next Generation Ministry Pastor (Children)

Job Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities as outlined for the Director of Ministry (Children) mentioned above, the responsibilities and duties for this position also include:


  • Build a healthy culture of discipleship in the Children ministry through areas of worship, community, theology, and mission.
  • Provide pastoral care and guidance to children and children ministry volunteers in their walks of faith.

Lead & Equip

  • Provide pastoral leadership and guidance to VCBC programs which serve children at various levels of spiritual maturity, within the goals and objectives of evangelism, outreach, worship, fellowship, and discipleship.


  • Participate in planning and conducting worship services, preaching, Sunday School, and Congregational Life events.


In addition to meeting the qualifications as outlined for the Director of Ministry (Children) mentioned above, the qualifications for this position also include:

  • Have a graduate degree from an accredited Bible College or Seminary (M. Div. preferred).
  • Having previous pastoral experience in children ministry in a North American setting will be a strong asset.