Job Posting – Cantonese Congregation Pastor (Worship and Young Family)

VCBC is looking for a Cantonese Congregation Pastor (Worship and Young Family).  For details and job description, please visit VCBC website.  All interested applicants are encouraged to submit their inquiries and applications to  A pdf printer-friendly version of the posting is available here.

The information for the job posting is available below:

Job Description of Ministers (Cantonese Congregation)


The VCBC pastoral team will consist of Ministers of Cantonese Congregation (CC), English Congregation (EC) and also the Mandarin Mission (MM).  This joint pastoral team led by the Senior Pastor or his designate (Note 1) will provide a holistic pastoral leadership to the whole church under a cross congregational setting.

Each Minister will focus with a congregation attachment, and at the same time has his/her primary ministry areas of emphasis and also people groups, e.g. Youth or Adult.  In addition, all Ministers will have some general pastoral responsibilities covering the whole church.  To give some examples, a Minister may preach in the Sunday worship of another congregation.  A Minister may also provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance to members of another congregation.

(Note 1: In the absence of the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastor being the most experienced pastor will be the supervisor of all the Ministers.)

Principal Functions and Accountability

The Ministers will work with the Senior Pastor or his designate, in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the biblical revelation, engaging in pastoral care ministries, and providing administrative leadership in all areas of church life.  He/she is to work with the affirmed members of the Church Council to achieve the goal of building up the Body of Christ.

All the Ministers are held accountable by being under the supervision of the Senior Pastor or his designate and mutually accountable to each others as peers.


1.   Work with the Senior Pastor or his designate in leading the church in worship and an effective program of outreach and in a caring ministry for persons in the church and community.

2.   Visit members and prospects.

3.   Work with the Senior Pastor or his designate as requested in conducting Christian spiritual guidance sessions.

4.   Oversee the small group ministries of the church. Direct a program of enlisting and training helpers to serve in these ministries.

5.   Take a significant role in church administration as directed by the Senior Pastor or his designate.

6.   Work with the Senior Pastor or his designate as requested in working with the CC and or EC Leadership Team in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the church programs.

7.   Work with the Senior Pastor or his designate as requested in working with church care givers, officers, and committees as they perform their assigned responsibilities.

8.   Relate to external (denominational, ecumenical, social, and mission organizations) as requested by the Senior Pastor or his designate.

Ministry Areas

The following departments cover all the current CC ministry areas.  The Senior Pastor or his designate may assign more than one department/ministry area to each of the CC Minister.  The ministry assignment will form an Appendix of his/her Job Description.  For the benefits of the Ministers and for the purpose of professional development, the Senior Pastor or his designate should review the ministry assignments with the Minister during the annual performance evaluation process.  Ministry re-assignment should be considered in consultation with the whole pastoral team.

1. Fellowship                                                               6. Senior’s

2. Literature                                                                 7. Sunday School

3. Missions                                                                   8. Visitation

4. Music                                                                       9. Women’s 

5. Public Relations                                                       10. Worship

General Pastoral Responsibilities

This list shows the general scope of pastoral responsibilities which could be assigned in a cross congregational setting. All Ministers are called upon to perform some of these duties at different times. The Senior Pastor or his designate assigns the actual workload and specialization. General Pastoral Responsibilities include:

Preaching:                  Regular sermon preparation and delivery, special speaking engagements inside (as assigned/requested) and outside the Church, as appropriate.

Worship:                    Chair and/or lead worship proceedings.

Teaching:                   Research, preparation and actual class teaching for Sunday School, Small Groups and fellowships. Vacation Bible School, Baptismal Interviews & Classes, Membership follow-up classes and pre-marital classes.

Prayer:                        Promote and lead regular prayer meetings/ministry events and periodic seminars or conferences.

Caring:                       Pastoral care and spiritual guidance, visitation, relationship building, available to minister to congregation’s needs, and specific assignments to population groups

Ministry:                    Discover and promote ministries/services. Help members to identify and use their spiritual gifts.

Administration:          Regular pastoral staff meetings, regular Church Council and members meetings, and special events & assignments.

Ceremonial:                Lord’s Supper, baptismal services, weddings, funerals and other church ceremonies.

Leadership:                Recruit and train volunteers, mentoring – lay and interns, mission trips, summer camps, small group development.

Self-improvement:     Quiet-time, continuing education, staff retreats, conferences and training events. Other personal disciplines and gifted areas.

Other:                         Special projects. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


1.   A committed follower of Christ who is passionate about helping other followers of Christ connecting with one another and growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

2.   He/she must be a leader of leaders; an excellent communicator in one-on-one, small and large group settings.

3.   A clear and affirmed call pastoral ministry.

4.   He/she must have gifts and competencies to effectively carry out the ministry areas as assigned by the Senior Pastor or his designate.

5.   A Bible College or faith based seminary graduate or its equivalent.

6.   A Baptist or willing to accept Baptist faith and practice in life.

7.   Experience in church ministries (Canadian experience is an advantage).

8.   Experience ministering to 2 or more of people’s groups and 1 or more of ministry areas as listed on page 1.

9.   Must be a team player with strong team work spirit and experience working in a multiple staff setting.

10. Strong organizational and training skills.

11. Committed to ministry philosophy and programs of the church.

12. Ability to adapt to different cultural settings and able to work in multicultural settings.

13. Language proficiency: ability to minister in Cantonese, English and/or Mandarin

14. Pastoral spiritual qualifications: heart for God, Kingdom focus, words and deeds, exemplary and honest.

15. Pastoral basic attitude: mature in decision making, servant leadership, care for others in an unselfish way

16. Ministry experience in church settings and/or mission fields