Humans of VCBC (Virtual Edition)

Sparked by the community’s interests and curiosity, we have brought back Humans of VCBC, this time virtually during the pandemic. We hope to interview and invite various members that we don’t get to hear typically to learn about how their lives have been and ways in which God has been at work in big and little ways. Join us each month as we showcase the lives of those that we share together at VCBC!

EPISODE #1 – Raphael

Humans of VCBC (Virtual Edition) Episode 1
For the inaugural edition of our virtual edition of Humans of VCBC, we have the privilege to learn from Raphael. 2020 has been a turbulent year for Raph, as he literally have to scramble to relocate back to Vancouver from HK. How has God been part of his journey in his experiences and what has he learned from this string of events?

EPISODE #2 – Gabriel

Humans of VCBC (Virtual Edition) Episode 2
In our second episode of Humans of VCBC, we have Gabe sharing with us about his past year. Being someone who is interested in all sorts of activities and sports, it has been a strange year working from home for Gabe. How has adjusting the pandemic been like for one of our very own young adults and what has God revealed to him during this time?

EPISODE #3 – Chloe

In our third episode of Humans of VCBC, we get a chance to talk to Chloe to hear how her life has been like as a pharmacist and switching between jobs during the pandemic. 2020 has been a challenging year for Chloe but she found ways to cope, stay healthy, and experience God along the way.

EPISODE #4 – Ethan

In our fourth episode, we have the privilege to hear from Ethan, our very own from this year’s high school graduating class. Ethan will be sharing on his experiences, challenges, and God’s blessings during his final year of high school. Being a former COVID patient, Ethan also talks about the reality of catching COVID and what he has learned from the experience.