How to Get on Online Worship Service 如何參與網上崇拜

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選擇使用Facebook Live 的註解Click here for instructions on using Facebook Live
選擇使用Zoom 的註解Click here for instructions on using Zoom

The live stream link will be made available every Sunday on the following times: English (9:40am), Cantonese (11:15am), Mandarin (9:40am)

崇拜網絡直播的連結將於每週下列時間發布: 英語崇拜 (9:40am), 粵語崇拜 (11:15am), 國語崇拜 (9:40am)

1. Visit the VCBC Website – and select your language preference. 前往溫浸網頁 –,然後點擊語言選擇

2. Click on the link for the live stream, available at the slider. 在網頁主頁中間有前往網上直播的網站連結,點擊這裡

3. Once entered, you have the option to select the cast option. You may choose to enter with Facebook Live or via Zoom. Please note that mobile users require installation of the Zoom app to use. 點擊後 ,網頁會帶到「網上敬拜網址」。當中可選擇由Facebook或Zoom觀看直播。注意:手機用家需安裝Zoom應用程式才可使用Zoom進行直播。

4a. Once clicked, it will direct you to the Facebook page. If you are already logged into Facebook, it will automatically direct to the Facebook Live webcast page. If you do not have a Facebook account, you will see the following pop-up box. Click “Not Now” to continue. 點擊後,Facebook的網言會打開,如你已有Facebook帳號,它將會自動帶到你到”VCBC Live”的Facebook網頁。如你沒有Facebook帳號,你會看見以下網頁,點擊 “Not Now”

Instructions for using Facebook Live 選擇使用Facebook Live 的註解

(For instructions on using Zoom, click here. 按此瀏覽使用Zoom 的註解)

5a. Now you should be brought to the video livestream window. Click on the button in the middle to play. If the video stops anytime, you may click this button again to resume video. 現在你應該被帶到直播中的影片,點擊中間的按鈕開始。 播放期間若影片暫停,可再次點按這按鈕。當滑鼠或手指點按時,這按鈕會再出現,點擊一次即可

6a. The controls for volume and graphics are located at the bottom right corner. 在右下方有控制音量和畫面的按鈕

7a. If you need to control volume, please click on: 如需要控制音量,請按 :

8a. If you prefer full screen view, please click on: 全螢幕觀賞,請按

9a. If the notification “video streaming is terminated” pops up anytime during the stream, please return to for the updated broadcast link. 如播放期間,播放器列出「The live stream has ended/terminated」,請回至www.vcbc.ca索取新的播放連結。

10a. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact the church office. 如有任何技術問題,請致電教會辦事處 (604) 325-6314。

Instructions for using Zoom 選擇使用Zoom 的註解

1. When you click on the Zoom link , you will see the following screen
登入 Zoom後,你會看見以下頁面

2. Enter your Email and Name. If you do not wish to disclose your email or name, you can enter anonymously (i.e.
輸入「電郵地址」和「姓名」,如你不希望提供電郵地址,只需輸入 “” 即可

3. Make sure you click “Join Audio by Computer” to activate sound, if you are using your cellphone or tablet, please ensure that you do not have “silent mode enabled”
點擊 Join Audio by Computer 來啓動音效,如你是用手機或平板電腦,請確保你沒有開啟靜音模式 (silent mode)

4. Once entered, you can click “Full Screen” as you prefer.
進入後,你可以點擊 開啟全銀幕 (full screen)

5. A tiny window button is available at the top right corner which allow you to reposition the speaker’s window.

6. You may also use the buttons available to resize
也可以按這三個buttons 控制大小

7. If you see the following error message, it means that your browser does not support Zoom. Please install the latest version of Chrome brower for best experience. (
如你看見以下的錯誤信息,是因為你現在使用的瀏覽器並不支援,請立即下載最新的Chrome瀏覽器 (