How to Begin Caring for People Suffering from Mental Health Problems in Your Church

Publish Date

October 18, 2020
Message by Dr. Peter Golin, Guest Speaker

Scripture Passage: James 2:1-13, 1 Corinthians 12:14-27

Description: At least 25% of the people at every church suffer from a significant mental health problem today. By the end of the year, the statistics in the US and Canada show that 50% of congregants will have gone through a mental health issue.

As a Christian, how can you begin caring for your friend, family member, and neighbour who suffers from a mental health problem:

  1. Make sure that you help these people get a true medical professional diagnosis.
  2. Help them prayerfully consider the medical treatment plan often.
  3. Encourage these people to always combine medical treatment with sound spiritual Christian treatment.
  4. Help these people to seek spiritual support.
  5. Be an advocate for your church.
  6. Love these people unconditionally.
  7. Provide these people with physical, emotional, and spiritual help during their mental illness.