Hard Praise, Finding Hope in Biblical Lament

Publish Date

December 29, 2019
Praise Music Sunday

Text: Psalm 109

Outline: Praying a Lament Psalm of Your Own

Address: Think about the God to whom you pray. What do you know about him that allows you to call on him personally at this time? God is named in many ways in Scripture. In what way do you need to name him at this time?

Complaint: In this section, simply pour out your heart to God. Don’t be afraid to use strong language if you need to. Ask all the difficult questions you’ve been holding back. God is willing and able to receive your anger, pain, grief, fear, doubt, confusion… nothing is off limits when you talk to God. Hold God to account for the ways in which your circumstances do not align with his person and his intentions for his kingdom.

Request: Think about what you really need/want God to do right now. Don’t be afraid to state those requests in strong language. You don’t need to add “your will be done”—God can add that for himself. You simply need to ask God for what you need, holding the specifics of your address in mind. Our God is the God who hears.

Trust/Praise: Return to thinking about the God to whom you are praying. If you’re really struggling, you may need to transition with “but” or “still” before you get to a sense of trust. What can you lean on in the midst of your distress? What do you know about God that you are still able to affirm? Does that lead you toward praise? If so, be specific. If all you can manage right now is a faint affirmation of trust—that’s ok too. Rest in that.