Extended Deadline – Rev. Paul Chan’s Total Growth Discipleship Course

Sept 15 is the Final Registration Date for Rev. Paul Chan’s 27 week Total Growth Discipleship Course (Nov 2020 – May 2021).  Thank you very much for those of you who have already registered for the course.  Those who are still interested, please register before our extended deadline.  For health and safety reasons and to better accommodate participants’ schedules, the weekly sessions will now be completely conducted online.  While there is no registration fee for this course, you are required to purchase a selection of books.  Subsidies are available for students and others.  You will be assigned to smaller accountability groups and are encouraged to meet together once a month on your own.  For more information, please visit https://vcbc.ca/total-growth/.  Please submit your completed registration form to the Church Office (cindyso@vcbc.bc.ca).