Church Leadership Nominee Recommendation for 2024-2025

From now to May 28, the Nomination Committee invites everyone to prayerfully consider recommending church members who would be good candidates for various leadership positions at VCBC.

If you feel God’s calling to serve, you can also put in your own name. You can fill in the Google Form directly at the above button, click on the above button to view the Standard Form only, or you can email or phone in your recommendations to Cindy So at Church Office (, 604-325-6314 ext. 121), or text Rosita Au at 604-788-3891.  Thank you. 

Please note that the form reflects the leadership positions that are available to be filled; you are not required to fill in all the positions on the form. However, we encourage brothers and sisters to recommend as many future leaders as possible as God guides you. Please note that for your reference, the current leaders list is posted in the foyer as well as on our church website.

Please note the following:

  1. Nominees must be Registered Members of VCBC and must be faithful in worship attendance and active in the life of the church.
  2. You can name more than one nominee for a position.
  3. You can name the same nominee for more than one position (including yourself, if you sense God’s calling).
  4. All nomination forms will be received in confidence and will be duly evaluated by the Nomination Committee, Deacons and Pastoral Team. Please return this completed form to the Church Office before May 28, 2023. Thank you!